Spiritual, intuitive and holistic coaching

Spiritual, intuitive and holistic coaching

Find your soul´s

truest desire and

go for it!

Spiritual, intuitive and holistic coaching

Find your soul´s
truest desire and
go for it!

Spirituelles, intuitives und ganzheitliches Coaching

Spiritual, intuitive and holistic coaching


Hi, my name is Claudia,

as a Human Design Projector, Highly Sensitive, Empath, Starseed and Earth Angel I operate through my frequency:

I activate your light. The light in your heart. Your soul.
I´m here to remind you of your uniqueness.

I see patterns, that prevent you from living your true self and help you to release them.
With me you are going deep.

I am safety. I am the safe space for you.

I am peace. I create peace inside. With me you can breathe and relax.

I help you to enjoy this beautiful life. I am pleasure.

I am wealth. I create wealth inside and for the world.

I am potential. I see potential. I activate your potential!
I activate your high frequency.
You can achieve anything on your soul´s path!

I feel you – your energy field and see YOU in your whole beauty.
I am here to guide you, so that you can tap into your fullest potential.

I am love.
Love connects us all.
I am connection.
I connect you with the universal love and wisdom.


1:1 Transformation Call

120 Min.

via Zoom

German or English

Intuitive Coaching and Energy Work with

Life Alignment Balances©

Quantum Human Design™

Retrieve your energy and find your Soul – Premium Group Course

♥  31.08.2024 – 02.02.2025

♥  Live via ZOOM

♥  German

♥  6 month – 12  group appointments

♥  2 x a month transformation group calls via ZOOM – Sa/Su 5pm-7pm CET

 3 x 1:1 transformation calls via ZOOM – individual appointments

♥  exclusive small group of max. 5 like-minded souls – so that I can really focus on you!

♥  special Videos and Audios for you to enjoy

♥  a safe group space to share your experiences and connect

1:1 QHD Projector Potential Reading

75 Min.

via Zoom

German or English

Quantum Human Design™ Reading and Insights


for Human Design Projectors

Tools for your transformative Calls and Readings

holistic coaching methods like the TOWER-System®
transformative Energy Balances with Life Alignment©
energy blueprint readings with Quantum Human Design ™
meditations and awareness techniques from Yoga and Qi Gong
my love for you ♥

Spiritual, intuitive and holistic coaching


Spiritual, intuitive and holistic coaching

Sabine says

“I got to know Life Alignment as part of a Coaching Session with Claudia and it was so profound, touching and freeing for my everyday life – just Merci!”

Sabine Licht


Spiritual, intuitive and holistic coaching

Nisa says

“I had several Life Alignment balances with Claudia that were beautiful. With her high energy, she held the space for me, and I was able to let myself go completely. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of human design are simply contagious. You always want to know more. She responds completely to your needs and is fully present with you.”

Nisa Wielvers


Spiritual, intuitive and holistic coaching


“Claudia has a very enchanting, gentle but very powerful energy. She practices with such appreciation and sensitivity, that I feel very comfortable and supported during her Life Alignment Balances. She is a wonderful companion, gate opener and catalyst. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your “being”🙏🏻❤️.”

Janett Heßmann